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Blue's Clues Game & Video Downloads

Get Free Blue's Clues educational games, just for the little ones. Download Blue's Clues games to your computer for later use, or play them directly on this page.

  • All Blue's Clues games are provided free from the popular Nick Jr. network. This website, and it's staff, have absolutely no relationship with Nick Jr. on any level. My son was a huge fan for several years as a young buck. Budget Homeschool hosts Blue's Clues games in the hopes that other parents will take advantage of this clever show. Since we enjoyed the games so much, we are now sharing them with our grandchildren.
  • The game links found below were all provided by To download, file click on the globle with the yellow arrow and save the file to your computer, (remember where you saved it), once downloaded, double click on the file to install/play.
  • Click on the "joystick" (where available) to play a game within your browser, without having to download the game. (The game will open in a new window. Make sure your popup blocker allows popups from this site!)
  • Not every episode of Blue's Clues is available for downloading. Amazon provides many episodes of Blue's Clues reasonably priced, we've provided links for you.
  • If when clicking on the button, you get a pop-up telling you that you are required to sign up for; just click on the "X" in the upper corner. It lies.

Blue's Clues — Season One

101 Snack Time Order  Now!
102 What Time is it for Blue? Order  Now!
103 Mailbox's Birthday Order  Now!
104 Blue's Story Time Play Picture ordering Now!Download Picture ordering Now!Order  Now!
105 What Does Blue Need? Play Laundry Time Now!Download Laundry Time Now!Order  Now!
106 Blue's Favorite Song Play Instrument Sound Matching Now!Download Instrument Sound Matching Now!Order  Now!
107 Adventures In Art Play Paint Blue's Wagon Now!Download Paint Blue's Wagon Now!Order  Now!
108 Blue Goes To The Beach Order  Now!
109 Pretend Time Play Clouds - Use Your Imagination Now!Download Clouds - Use Your Imagination Now!Order  Now!
110 A Snowy Day Play Matching Snowflakes Now!Download Matching Snowflakes Now!Order  Now!
111 The Trying Game Play Put Tickety Back Together Now!Download Put Tickety Back Together Now!Order  Now!
112 Blue Wants to Play A Game Play Jigsaw Puzzles Now!Download Jigsaw Puzzles Now!Order  Now!
113 The Grow Show Order  Now!
114 Blue Wants to Play a Song Game! Play Instrument Sound Matching Now!Download Instrument Sound Matching Now!Order  Now!
115 What Does Blue Want To Make? Play Picture Frame Now!Download Picture Frame Now!Order  Now!
116 What Story Does Blue Want to Play? Play Fairy Tale Matching Now!Download Fairy Tale Matching Now!Order  Now!
117 Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme Download Letter 'P' Now!Order  Now!
118 What is Blue Afraid of? Play Shadow Matching Now!Order  Now!
119 Magenta Comes Over Play Felt Friends Dress-Up Now!Download Felt Friends Dress-Up Now!Order  Now!
120 Blue's News! Play Picture Riddles Now!Download Picture Riddles Now!Order  Now!

Blue's Clues — Season Two

201 Steve Gets the Sniffles Play Healthy Snacks Now!Download Healthy Snacks Now!
202 What Does Blue Want to Build? Play The Popsicle Stick Project Now!Download The Popsicle Stick Project Now!
203 Blue's Senses! Play Lights On, Lights Off Now!Download Lights On, Lights Off Now!
204 What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try? Play Sink and float Now!Download Sink and float Now!
205 What Does Blue Want To Make out of Recycled Things Play The Recycle Game Now!Download The Recycle Game Now!
206 What Was Blue's Dream About? Play Let's Dream Now!Download Let's Dream Now!
207 Blue's ABCs Play Blue's ABC's Now!Download Blue's ABC's Now!
208 Math! Play Counting With Cash Register Now!Download Counting With Cash Register Now!
209 Blue's Birthday Play Blue's Birthday Now!Download Blue's Birthday Now!Order  Now!
210 What Does Blue Want To Do With Her Picture?
211 What Does Blue Wanna Do On A Rainy Day? Play Water Xylophone Now!Download Water Xylophone Now!
212 Blue's Surprise At Two O'Clock! Play Race against time Now!Download Race against time Now!
213 The Lost Episode! Play Lost and found Now!Download Lost and found Now!
214 Blue's Sad Day Play Feelings Now!Download Feelings Now!
215 What Game Does Blue Want To Learn? Play Felt Friend Tic-Tac-Toe Now!Download Felt Friend Tic-Tac-Toe Now!
216 What Did Blue See? Play Kaleidoscope Now!Download Kaleidoscope Now!
217 Nurture! Play What does Paprika need Now!Download What does Paprika need Now!
218 Blue Is Frustrated Play Teeter-Totter Now!Download Teeter-Totter Now!
219 What Is Blue Trying To Do? Play Blowing matching bubbles Now!Download Blowing matching bubbles Now!
220 Mechanics! Play Racing cars Now!Download Racing cars Now!

Blue's Clues — Season Three

301 Art Appreciation Play Art project Now!Download Art project Now!
302 Weight And Balance Play Weight and measure Now!Download Weight and measure Now!
303 Geography
304 What's that Sound? Play What's that sound Now!Download What's that sound Now!
305 Signs Play Signs (Sign Language) Now!
306 Thankful Play What Are You Thankful For? Now!Download What Are You Thankful For? Now!
307 Hide and Seek Play Hide and Seek Now!Download Hide and Seek Now!
308 Animal Behavior!
309 Occupations
310 Anatomy
311 Blue's Big Treasure Hunt Download Treasure Hunt Now!Order  Now!
312 Pool Party Play Concentration Now!Download Concentration Now!
313 Draw Along With Blue Play Let's Draw Now!Download Let's Draw Now!
314 Nature
315 Inventions
316 What's So Funny?
317 Environments
318 Blue's Big Costume Party
319 Blue's Big Pajama Party Play Blue's Pajama Party Now!Download Blue's Pajama Party Now!Order  Now!
320 Shy
321 Blue's Big Mystery
322 Blue's Big Holiday Play Holiday Quilt Now!Download Holiday Quilt Now!
323 Blue's Play
324 Prehistoric Blue
325 Words
326 Periwinkle Misses His Friend Play Periwinkle's Disappearo Now!
327 Stormy Weather
328 Blue's Collection
329 Opposites
330 Cafe Blue

Blue's Clues — Season Four

401 Magenta Gets Glasses Order  Now!
402 Imagine Nation
403 The Anything Box
404 Adventure!
405 Superfriends!
406 The Baby's Here!
407 Blue's New Place
408 What's Inside?
409 Mr. Salt And Mr's Pepper Day
410 What's New, Blue?
411 Bugs!
412 Un Dia Con Plum!
413 Making Changes
415 Blue's Book Nook
416 Let's Boogie
417 Blocks
419 Rhyme Time
420 Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza
421 Let's Plant
422 The Big Book About Us
423 Joe's First Day
424 Joe Gets a Clue Play Joe's 3D Scavenger Hunt Now!
425 Steve Goes to College Order  Now!
426 The Boat Float
427 Puppets
428 I'm So Happy!
429 The Scavenger Hunt
430 Can You Help? Play Nick Jr. Tic-Tac-Toe Now!
431 Blue's Clues 100 Play Do the Blue Now!

Blue's Clues — Season Five

501 The Snack Chart
502 Colors Everywhere! Play Color with Blue Now!
503 Shape Searchers Play Blue's Matching Game Now!
504 A Surprise Guest
505 Contraptions!
506 A Brand New Game
507 Blue's Big Band Play Blue's Musicmaker Now!
508 Playing Store
509 Patience
510 Joe's Surprise Party Play Send a Card to Joe Now!
511 The Alphabet Train
512 Blue Goes To The Doctor Play Blue's Checkup Now!
513 Numbers Everywhere!
514 Up, Down, All Around!
515 Bedtime Business
516 Blue's Predictions
517 Dress Up Day Play Blue's Clues Mix'n Match Dressup Now!
518 Story Wall Play Joe's Scrapbook Journey Now!
519 Magenta's Messages
520 Monsters Play Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt Now!
521 Body Language
522 Look Carefully
523 I Did That!
524 Animals in Our House?
525 Blue's Big Car Trip
526 Meet Polka Dots Play Polka Dot's Bubble Puzzle Now!
527 Our Neighborhood Festival
528 Morning Music
529 Blue Takes You To School Play You Take Blue to School Now!Order  Now!
530 Blue's First Holiday
531 Let's Write! Play Send a Card to Steve Now!
532 Blue

Blue's Clues — Season Six

601 Love Day
602 Bluestock
603 Skidoo Adventure Play Doodle, Doodle, Guess & Draw Now!
604 Blue's Wishes Play Blue's Use Your Imagination Now!
605 Joe's Clues
606 Playdates
607 The Legend of the Blue Puppy Order  Now!
608 Soccer Practice
609 The Fairy Tale Ball

Blue's Clues — Season Seven

701 Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue Play Blue Answers Your Question Now!
702 Meet Blue's Baby Brother Play Blue's Puppy Maker Now!


  1. Where's My Friend
  2. Treasure Chest
  3. Laundry Time
  4. Jigsaw Puzzles
  5. The Popsicle Project
  6. Lights On, Lights Off
  7. Blue's ABC's
  8. Felt Friend Tic-Tac-Toe
  9. What Does Paprika Need
  10. Art Project
  11. What's That Sound

Blue's Clues 10 Biggest Video Downloads

  • Magenta Gets Glasses - Original Air Date March 6, 2001.
    Magenta is getting glasses! We launch into a game of Blue's Clues to figure out what Magenta will be able to do when she gets her glasses.
  • Something to do Blue - Original Air Date August 1, 2006.
    Blue can't decide what to do today. Mr. Salt encourages us to pick a few items from around the house and use our imaginations to invent something new to do with them.
  • Blue's School - Original Air Date August 2, 2006.
    Hop on board our cardboard bus and help Steve pick up our friends for a day of pretend school;where Blue is the teacher! We play Blue's Clues to figure out where we'll be going.
  • Steve Goes to College - Original Air Date May 4, 2002.
    Steve and his brother Joe are really happy to see us because they have some big news to share: Steve is going to college today!
  • Blue Takes You to School - Original Air Date August 11, 2003.
    We play Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue's favorite part of school is and help Periwinkle make it through his first day.
  • The Legend of the Blue Puppy - Original Air Date February 8, 2004.
    Today we meet Moona 'the moon fairy,' who tells us the Legend of Blue.
  • Blue's Room Snacktime Playdate - Original Air Date February 8, 2004.
    We're in Blue's Room all day today and it's time for our playdate! But what will we play?

Blues Clues Notebook Tip

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