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Thank you for visiting Budget Homeschool. This section of our site provides free resources for homeschooling parents and students on a variety of topics and subject matter. I hope you find these links useful.

While I do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some websites do fall by the wayside. If you find a bad link, or a link that should be included here, please let me know.

Happy Homeschooling!

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    • History for Kidsby BBC Ages: 5 - 14Find out how the Vikings lived in Scotland, what they ate and where they lived. Tackle a series of interactive missions to learn about saving energy, reducing waste and recycling litter. Who lived in Britain 2,000 years ago?Subjects: kids, history, games, WWII, Scotland, Vikings, Celts, Romans, Ancient Greece

    • Could you have passed the 8th Grade in 1895?by Barefoot Ages: 12+This is the 1895 eighth-grade final exam from Salina, Kansas. It was taken from the original document on file at the Smoky Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, Kansas and reprinted by the Salina Journal.Subjects: grammar, punctuation, arithmetic, history, test, final exam

    • Interactive History Gamesby Andrew J. Field Ages: 11 - 16This is an incredible history resource. The games section I've linked to, is just a start. Be sure to explore the School History site to find lessons, resources, worksheets, teacher helps and so much more...Subjects: interactive, history, games, ancient history, quizzes, digital media

    • History Learning Siteby Chris Trueman, BA, MA Ages: 8 - 18Chris has written all the content for the site from his in-depth knowledge of History having taught History and Politics at a major secondary school in England for the last 26 years.Subjects: history, Ancient Rome, Medieval England, Tudor England, exam, advanced

    • Livingbooks for the Earsby The Erskine Family Ages: 5+Each week, download wonderful vintage "Living Books for the Ears" - dramatizations of classic tales, stories from American history, biographies of famous and not-so-famous heroes, stories of scientific discoveries and classic radio programs.Subjects: free, radio, programs, oldtimers, kids, adventures, classic

    • Timelines of History Ages: 12+An extensive list of timelines from the "Big bang" to 1899. A link is provided for Timelines into the 1900's and beyond.Subjects: world history, war, politics, Nazis, timeline, disasters, kingdoms

    • EyeWitness to Historyby Ibis Communications, Inc. Ages: 10+Your ringside seat to history - from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it.Subjects: ancient world, middle ages, civil war, old west, history

    • The Learning Calendarby Fat Brain Toys Ages: 10+Home of the Incredible History-Based Activity & Trivia Calendar. Our popular history-based activity and trivia wall calendar has won numerous national calendar awards. But we have SO much more to offer in addition to our print calendar...Subjects: daily history, activities, events, geography, trivia

    • The History Channelby A&E Television Networks Ages: 8+The History Channel is a cable television station offering programming related to historical events and people.Subjects: world history, trains, ships, civil war, natives, America

    • Things To Doby Memorial Hall Museum Ages: 8 - 16This website includes a large library of primary resources, curricula, and interactive student activities; in age-appropriate, user-friendly formats. Interactive activities that let you explore the past.Subjects: history, dress, interactive, links, activities, museum

    • The History Placeby Philip Gavin Ages: 10+Informative website focusing on American history from the Colonial period to present-day. Many on-line exhibits include timelines, photographs and famous people from the past.Subjects: American Revolution, impeachment, Vietnam War, presidents, Germany

    • The Day I Was Bornby Catherine Campanella Ages: 5+The purpose of this project is to use the Internet to find and share important & interesting information about what was happening in the world when you were born. You will collect, record and organize data.Subjects: research, online project, history book, free, birth, student research, DOB, events timeline, games

    • Hyper Historyby Andreas Nothiger Ages: 12+Over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history. The World History Chart begins with David and Solomon and ends 3000 years later with Einstein, Picasso, Roosevelt and Churchill. Subjects: wprld history, culture, politics, science, visual, resource

    • Wonders of the Worldby Marissa, Claire, Jordan, Becky, and Alison Ages: 10+Have you ever heard of the 7 wonders? There are many different lists of seven wonders which include Natural Wonders, Ancient Wonders, and Engineering Wonders. We chose to tell you about the Natural Wonders and the Ancient Wonders. It will be wondrous!Subjects: ancient, wonders, The Great Pyramid, natural, Mount Everest

    • History Buffby R. J. Brown Ages: 12+History Buff provides free primary souce material for students, teachers, and historybuffs. This site focuses primarily on HOW news of major, and not so major, events in American history were reported in newspapers of the time.Subjects: eyewitness, news, articles, history, old newspapers, historic, library

    • Today in Historyby The Library of Congress Ages: 10+Each day an event from American history is illustrated by digitized items from the Library of Congress American Memory historic collections.Subjects: Library of Congress, American, archives, memories, digital

    • The WWW Virtual Library Ages: 12+Unlike commercial catalogues, this site is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particulSubjects: world history, index, archaeology, art history, cartography, Egyptology, medicine

    • Maid of Heavenby Ben D. Kennedy Ages: 8+Joan of Arc's life took place during what is known in history as the 'Hundred Years War'. To understand her life it is necessary to have some understanding about this War. The War actually covers a series of battles fought between the French and the English from 1337 to 1453.Subjects: resource, Joan of Arc, timeline, facts, quotes, poems, biography, history, French, English, Hundred Years War

    • Why Study History?by Peter N. Stearns Ages: 13+People live in the present. They plan for and worry about the future. History, however, is the study of the past. Given all the demands that press in from living in the present and anticipating what is yet to come, why bother with what has been?Subjects: study, past, knowledge, facts, societies

    • Hardluck Lin - Motherlode Storytellerby Linda Clark Ages: 7+When Linda puts on the hat and appears in male miner's trousers and gear, Hardluck Lin emerges full of life, animated with brogue and personality. Hardluck Lin edu-tains, young and old alike, with authentic tales of the California gold rush.Subjects: California, history, Gold Rush, edu-tainment, old west, storytelling, Mother Lode, tails, authentic stories, Gold Rush era

    • The Natural History Museumby The Natural History Museum Ages: 10+Wildlife in winter - Brave the cold and go looking for winter wildlife. From seaweeds and trees to birdwatching tips and a woodland walk video, we've a wealth of ideas to help you find things to do outside. Subjects: nature, museum, biodiversity, evolution, ecology, environment, wildlife, video, expedition, Antarctica, Australia, Aboriginal, species, plantsLocation: London

    • AlternaTimeby George Emery Ages: 10+A collection of timeline links on the web for history, science, arts, literature, popular cultures, science fiction.Subjects: links, 20th century, documents, presidents , timelines, collection

    • Dig Magazineby Cobblestone Publishing Ages: 8 - 13The archaeology magazine for kids! Dig lets young people share in the thrill of archaeological discovery while learning about the cultural, scientific, and architectural traits and beliefs of different societies.Subjects: earth science, archaeology, Dr. Dig, paleontology, magazine, subscription, art, submissions

    • Christian Mother Gooseby Marjorie Ainsborough Decker Ages: 10+Looking at Bobby Shaftoe's rhyme puts me in mind of the first time I left Liverpool, England, for America. I was a young bride, filled with indescribable emotion as the ship pulled away from the shores of my native land. Would I ever return...Subjects: rhyme, stories, blog, American, Britain, history, storyteller

    • Smithsonian Institution Ages: 10+The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum complex and research organization composed of 19 museums, 9 research centers, and the National Zoo. Subjects: history, museum, research, culture, technology, ecology, gallery

    • Cartoon Researchby Jerry Beck Ages: 14+Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: Past, Present & FutureSubjects: animated, cartoon, reviews, news, history, guide

    • Heilbrunn Timeline of Art Historyby The Metropolitan Museum of Art Ages: 12+The Timeline of Art History provides an overview of the history of art as illustrated and represented in the Museum's collection. It serves as an important reference and research tool for anyone interested in studying art history and related subjects.Subjects: archaeology, anthropology, resources, art, clothing

    • Foreign Relationsby U.S. Department of State Ages: 14+The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity of the United States Government. This volume is part of a subseries documenting theSubjects: President Johnson, Vietnam War, documents, Hanoi, records, North Vietnamese

    • Christmas in America becomes battlegroundby Joe Kovacs Ages: 16+Every December, a call goes out from the nation's pulpits to "put Christ back into Christmas," but growing numbers of Americans - including fundamentalist Christians - are claiming Jesus Christ had nothing to do with the holiday...Subjects: holiday, Christmas, battleground, religion, Christian

    • Digital Storytellingby Center for Digital Storytelling Ages: 14+The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) is an international training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives.Subjects: education, digital media, story telling, video, family history

    • MacTutor History of Mathematicsby School of Mathematics and Statistics Ages: 14+The Babylonians had an advanced number system, in some ways more advanced than our present systems. It was a positional system with a base of 60 rather than the system with base 10 in widespread use today.Subjects: math history, Mayan, Ancient Greek, Egyptian, American

    • What's the origin of the tooth fairy?by Cecil Adams Ages: 10+My son just lost another tooth, and being ten, is old enough to understand that I am the "tooth fairy." We're wondering how this myth originated. We've done some searches on the Internet to no avail. Can you help?Subjects: teeth, ancient, rituals, superstitions, children

    • Center for History of Physicsby American Institute of Physics Ages: 14+AIP's Center for History of Physics works to preserve and make known the historical record of modern physics and allied sciences. Through documentation, archival collections and educational initiatives, the Center ensures that the heritage of physics...Subjects: historical record, physicists, industry, library, archives

    • WWW-VL History Central Catalogueby Serge Noiret and Inaki Lopez Martin Ages: 12+This is the central catalogue for the WWW-VL network of indexes to Historical materials on-line. It is intended for public use, but its coverage and selection of sites concentrates on creating a facility useful for those pursuing historical facts.Subjects: virtual library, history, index, news, topics, continents

    • H-Botby Daniel J. Cohen Ages: 12+CHNM uses digital media and technology to preserve and present history online, transform scholarship across the humanities, and advance historical education and understanding. Subjects: history, search engine, historical figures, brief bios