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Thank you for visiting Budget Homeschool. This section of our site provides free resources for homeschooling parents and students on a variety of topics and subject matter. I hope you find these links useful.

While I do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some websites do fall by the wayside. If you find a bad link, or a link that should be included here, please let me know.

Happy Homeschooling!

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    • Piano Lessons Onlineby Lisa Steeple Ages: 18+Even if you've never read a note of music, or feel like you have short, clumsy fingers, or have no musical experience, or feel like you are too old to learn, you will simply astound yourself (and your friends) when you start playing your favorite songs...Subjects: free, piano, lessons, subscribe, Mozart, Classical, Top 40, video clips

    • Free sheet music and Lessonsby Red Balloon Tecnology Ages: 8+We have hundreds of our pieces for all major instrument, in all kinds of styles. but there's a lot more besides. We have seperate forums for each instrument and style of music. Chat with other members about instrumental technique, or your favorite pieces.Subjects: piano, viola, percussion, french horn, tuba, cello, flute, clarinet

    • Play By Earby Eric Armstrong Ages: 8+Playing music by ear is a technique that is accessible to beginners of all ages. It makes music fun, and takes the boredom out of practicing. It gives you the kind of challenge you get solving crossword puzzles...Subjects: instruction, learn, play, tunes, sessions, techniques, instrument

    • PEEP and the Big Wide Worldby Karen Worth Ages: 5 - 12I'm the narrator, so I'm basically a storyteller, talking about Peep's adventures with his friends. I love watching my kids as they discover gives me such a charge as a parent. Subjects: story time, activities, games, music, videos, resources, fish museum, math, coloring pages, neighborhood safari

    • How To...Play The Recorderby S&T Audio Ltd.  Ages: 7+The recorder is a musical instrument of great antiquity. Like its cousin, the flute, it produces a high-pitched, breathy sound. It has a range of about two octaves, somewhat less than the flute. Recorders are not very loud and as a result are not used in orchestras or bands, but they are well suited to small groups and, especially, a any children's first musical instrument.Subjects: resource, flute, tuturial, recorder, beginner, head joint, holes, labium, moisture, tonguing

    • Free First Worship Guitar Lessonsby Jean Welles Ages: 18+"Play-as-you-watch process," illustrated in vivid yet, simple, step-by-step details in this course. In just a few months, when you pick up a guitar they'll think you've played for years-even if you've never played a guitar before!Subjects: lessons, testimonials, questions, ordering, audio

    • Classical Sheet Musicby Music-Scores Ages: 12+We have classical sheet music and professional arrangements for different instruments and abilities. All our music is graded by difficulty to guide youl. Our sounded files are an exact copy of our music...Subjects: composers, instruments, categories

    • Interactive Piano Chord Visualizerby Nathan Andersen Ages: 5 - 18I spent several years teaching solfgeggio and sight-reading. Solfeggio is a great technique for improving your ability to understand music and it's structure. This flash demo shows the three most common chords, the I, IV and V chord along with random notes from the seven tones of the major scale. The amazing thing is, for the most part, the music works, despite the fact that it's randomly generated.Subjects: resource, chord, diagrams, music, hands-on, exercises, flats, dominant, diminished, interactive, training, half step, augmented, major, ear training

    • Rockin' Recordersby Kay Greenhaw Ages: 7 - 13Here you will find a whole book of music to learn and have fun with. There are songs such as: Hot Cross Buns, Nutcracker March, Mary had a Little Lamb. You and the kids will have tons of fun learning these songs and adding your songs to the website...Subjects: students, teachers, coupons, sharing, songs

    • Children's Music Archive by Judy and David Ages: 5 - 18Here you will find lyrics, sing-along suggestions, colouring sheets and activities for many children's songs. In the future we plan to add midi files for each song so that you can sing along kareoke style!Subjects: concerts, lyrics, cds and dvds, school programs, activities, pictures

    • Folk Music by Lesley Nelson-Burns Ages: 10+Folk music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America. Find folk music, traditional music and popular songs, with lyrics, midi, tune Information and history behind the folksongs and ballads.Subjects: tunes, lyrics, war, songs of sea, music, history, Francis J. Child Ballads

    • Mojo's Song Lyricsby Kididdles Ages: 8 - 16A place where you can find the lyrics to your favorite kids' songs! We're adding Music, Music, Music! Know some of the lyrics, but not the actual song title? Our site search engine might be able to help you find it then!Subjects: songs, music, index, song search

    • The Recorder -- a genuine musical instrumentby Love Music Love Dance Ages: 12+The recorder is an ancient flute, originally made of wood and recently also made of plastic. The recorder is easy to play because you just blow into it from the end. You don't have to blow across it like we do with the modern orchestral, metal flute.Subjects: software, lessons, questions, styles

    • Interactive Fingering Chartby Dolmetsch Musical Instruments Ages: 8 - 18Here you will find lots of useful information on how to play your recorders, music history and lessons. Please contact us if there is something you want but can't find...Subjects: contact, products, services, events, resources, links, information

    • The Great Canadian Tunebookby Barry Taylor Ages: 12+These midi sequences are not in the public domain! Though most the tunes (melodies and lyrics) are public domain, the arrangements and the midi sequences themselves are not.Subjects: music, lyrics, tunes, Canadian, songs