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Thank you for visiting Budget Homeschool. This section of our site provides free resources for homeschooling parents and students on a variety of topics and subject matter. I hope you find these links useful.

While I do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some websites do fall by the wayside. If you find a bad link, or a link that should be included here, please let me know.

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  • Creating a Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Preschoolersby various Ages: 2 - 7Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the natural excitement bursting from your preschooler? Are you finding life challenging, especially if you have older ones to teach? How can you bring balance to your home and create an atmosphere conducive to learning? There are over 80 pages of insightful information and incredible ideas and activities you can immediately put into practice with your family!Subjects: resource, E-book, creative ideas, chores, field trips, multi-teaching, music, hands-on activities, preschool, learning, homeschooling, educational resources

  • Preschool at Home Where They Belongby various Ages: 10+Whether you're new to homeschooling and don't know where to start or you've been homeschooling for a long while and are looking for fresh ideas and renewed passion, this E-Book will provide inspiring and helpful ideas for homeschooling your preschooler.Subjects: resource, E-book, learning, preschool, fun learning, activities, first lessons, helpful tips, Scripture, hands-on, gifted, spiritual truths, special neets

  • Free Preschool Activitiesby KinderArt Littles Ages: 1 - 6Find early childhood activities and lessons designed to help bring out the creativity in your little ones as they learn. Here you can choose from a wide variety of theme based ideas for preschoolers...Subjects: Veggie Tales, video lessons, poems, stories, tips, health

  • Preschool Activities and Ideasby Preschool Express with Jean Warren Ages: 1 - 5Preschool Express is a free on-line educational activity resource for parents, teachers and grandparents of toddler (1-3) and preschool (3-5) children. Preschool Express purposefully does not advocate a specific curriculum or philosophy.Subjects: ideas, tips, activities, toddlers, art, fun, songs

  • Early Childhood Education Made Easyby Everything Preschool Ages: 3 - 8At Everything Preschool our philosophy revolves around the concept that children learn through doing. Our site contains over 30,000 preschool education activities, over 100 themes, 26 alphabet areas, & lesson plans.Subjects: recipes, songs, science, projects, early childhood

  • Teacher Guide to the Alphabetby teAchnology Ages: 1 - 7When teaching anything we know that repetition is a key ingredient for successful results. The best idea for teaching the alphabet is to include mini lessons in everything you do. Here are several examples of how you can teach the alphabet through repetition.Subjects: resource, alphabet skills, lesson plans, vocabulary, downloads, preschool, images, activities, worksheets

  • Easy preschool activities for busy momsby ShirleyWe all have busy lives, yet we want the most productive, convenient, easy, no mess, no fuss, user-friendly preschool activities for our children.Subjects: motor skills, crafts, songs, development, learning, preschool

  • Activities pagesby Jan Brett Ages: 3 - 18The site that makes finding projects for preschoolers and school-aged children easy for parents. With A-Z activities, you can find things from flashcards to recipes just to name a few...Subjects: activities, bookmarks, calenders, read, practice, games, recipes

  • Count Down to Kindergartenby Scholastic Ages: 4 - 7Is your baby going off to school? This new step is an exciting one and you'll want to do all you can to make it go smoothly. Simplify the transition with these resources...Subjects: articles, advice, kindergarten, parents, school, skills

  • Preschool Parent-Teacher Guideby Learning Planet Ages: 1 - 10Can your preschooler count? Find out with these friendly activities. These counting activities will put your preschooler on the "right track".Subjects: counting, alphabet, fun, games, interaction, ideas

  • Kids Kreateby Belinda J. Mooney Ages: 3 - 8Fun, interactive activities that add spark to your homeschool, including kid's crafts, coloring pages, preschool crafts, science projects, craft recipes, holiday crafts, and many more creative ideas.Subjects: crafts, coloring pages, science , projects, preschool, holiday

  • Preschool fun, activities, articles and moreby Universal Preschool Ages: 5+Are you the parent of a young child? Many parents instinctively feel the need to protect their little ones from this harmful educational fad. You can too...Subjects: toddlers, learning, fun, research, activities, traveling

  • Early Childhood Resources for the Home -- Brightly Beaming Resourcesby Katrina LybbertBy providing age appropiate activities in an environment of love and play, we can help our little ones begin a journey of life-long learning.Subjects: nursery, reading, kindergarten, elementary, resources, letters

  • Homeschool Treasures for your Familyby Learning Treasures Ages: 5+We have fantastic printable resources. Buy once- use over and over again! Plus unit studies and more...Subjects: printables, articles, bible, fun, tips, toddlers

  • Sample Phonics Based Reading Lessons Onlineby Headsprout Ages: 5 - 10In 80 episodes, your child will go from being a non-reader to reading at a mid-2nd grade level! These interactive, animated lessons keep kids engaged and excited about learning to read while the adaptive software automatically adjusts to your child needs. Try out the interactive sample lessons. Subjects: learning, reading, phonics, letters, sounds, exercises

  • Traditional Manuscript Lettersby Jan Brett Alphabet Ages: 3 - 7Jan Brett's Alphabet Line Bulletin Board Set, traditional manuscript letters. Use letters together as an alphabet line or separately as flash cards...Subjects: printable, alphabet, letters, trace,

  • A is for Airby Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ages: 3 - 5Printable alphabet coloring pages with an environemental theme. "EPA cleans up the water we drink and the air we breathe."Subjects: pollution, air, water, toxic, land

  • Between the Lions -- Parent and Teacher Guideby PBS Kids Ages: 3 - 7We've compiled a treasure trove of literacy activities and resources for you to use with your emerging reader. Although they are organized according to the group the activity was designed for, feel free to browse away!Subjects: activities, kids, reading, learning, book club

  • Picture Dictionary with Linksby Enchanted Learning Ages: 3 - 8Each word is used in a meaningful example sentence. A picture-dictionary format is used to link to hundreds of carefully-chosen child-friendly sites around the world. Since the pictures are links, even pre-readers can surf with a minimum of help...Subjects: money, fractions, links, vocabulary, reference, translations

  • The Fungoomsby Ned Ages: 2 - 7Find interactive online games that parents can enjoy playing with their babies, or children of preschool age can enjoy on their own. All the games are free and simple to play and are all controlled by mouse only. Simply click on one of the characters to be taken to an area of mini games.Subjects: games, musical, educational, stories, toddler games, preschool fun, interactive, mousing fun

  • Bedtime Stories for Children of All Agesby Bedtime-Story Ages: 6 - 18Bedtime-Story has selected talented authors and paired them with gifted illustrators, each of whose works have been judged whimsical, magical, adventurous, humorous, or simply wonderfully imaginative.Subjects: stories, books, illustrated, children, bed-time

  • Celebrate May Day!by Universal Preschool Ages: 3 - 8May 1st is May Day and a great time to welcome the warmth and light of Spring and Summer in a celebration of the seasons. Here are some ideas for enjoying May Day with your little ones...Subjects: wildflowers, plants, birds, dancing, singing

  • Have Fun with the Summer Moon Illusionby Diane Flynn Keith Ages: 4 - 8Before taking your child outside to see the humongous full moon, you may want to inform yourself about the moon in a way that will allow you to easily explain it to your child. NASA offers two websites...Subjects: moon, summer, illusion, NASA, earth, child